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Integrated Transformation Model (IXM)

The Integrated Transformation Model (IXM) is a unique methodology that uses a comprehensive approach to assess business challenges at the operational level, not only the technological needs.

This method integrates governance, change management, process engineering, records management and technology into an interconnected system that effectively circumvents the common obstacles faced by businesses when going through transformations.

The IXM method allows us to tackle issues such as user acceptance of new technologies, scalability of solution design, ongoing improvement, data preservation, policy implementation and more.


Convert documents into intelligent content that can drive smoother processes.


Simplify and automate business procedures to boost productivity and improve customer value.


Connect with M365 for enhanced security, compliance and departmental solutions.


Build user adoption, power users and change champions to drive new cultural ways of working.


Enforce policies and standards to guarantee compliance and data security.

We will leverage your in-house tools and configure your processes to serve your needs.

Our solutions provide an all-rounded transformational experience to streamline operations, enhance collaboration and drive company growth.

Empower your business to adapt.
Thrive in tomorrow’s landscape.
Strengthen User Adoption.

Why Tumii?

Anyone can install software but not everyone can successfully complete a digital transformation.  It’s simple.  We don’t just avoid mistakes – we ensure success.

Our team of Digital Transformation Specialists boasts over 20 years’ experience with expertise in building solutions that will take your business to the next level.

With our proven track record and deep industry insight, we guide your transformation journey with precision, guaranteeing tangible results and a competitive edge in a dynamic market.

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