Streamlining your office: 4 benefits of purging files with SharePoint

It’s April, and the documents in your business are unorganized. Maybe you have paper files everywhere, or you’ve got tons of digital files stored in too many systems to count!  

If purging files this year seems like an impossible task, don’t worry; it’s not! Even better, it’s worth it. In this blog, I’ll explain why you should be purging files sooner rather than later and suggest how SharePoint can help you do it efficiently.

1. SharePoint Reduces Clutter

Let’s start with the first and most obvious benefit – reducing clutter. It doesn’t matter if all your files are on computers; clutter exists digitally too! 

Purging files from this clutter can be daunting. What if you forget the name of the document you have to delete, or maybe you don’t even know which version of a file to delete?

With SharePoint, you can place all your documents, from sensitive client information to meeting recordings and data analytics, all in one place.

How SharePoint Works

One of the most powerful features Sharepoint has is called ‘columns.’ Columns allow users to add little bits of extra information (e.g. city, date, project status, etc.) about documents that make finding, sorting, deleting, and extracting data really easy. 

For example, let’s say you have a lot of folders, but the document you are trying to find is in just one of them. Instead of picking through each one, you can use a property to display documents without folders, so whatever you’re looking for is right in front of you.

You might be thinking, “ok, that’s fine, but other storage systems can do that too.” 

You’re right, but Sharepoint can take it even further. SharePoint can find documents by category, for example, weekly meeting reports, and then only weekly meeting reports will be displayed. 

Let’s say you don’t know the name of a document. No problem, all you have to do is type in who you think owns the document, and their library of files will pop up. Not only that but the version of the file will also be listed. Any version you don’t need anymore can be bulk deleted with a simple click and drag as well. 

I’ve said all of this, but I haven’t even mentioned SharePoints best feature, and that would be automation.

Purging files with SharePoint can be automatically done, and when I discuss my next benefit, I’ll discuss why that’s so important.

2. Improved Security

Sharepoint is better than any other storage system, including Google Drive, for keeping documents safe. That’s because it does two things Google Drive can’t do. The first is how the platform shares documents. 

With Google Drive, the system has flaws at a fundamental level. Anyone who views a document can share it, and this oftentimes happens without any ill intent. However, this can put a company dealing with sensitive information at risk. 

SharePoint is really secure; that’s why it’s got such a foothold in the market right now. Large corporations will use SharePoint over any other system out there because of how it limits document permissions and how its interface complies with regulatory bodies that require documents to be categorized a certain way. 

The second point is how SharePoint addresses record retention. What if there’s a mistake and something doesn’t get deleted? Or maybe you’re a company that just doesn’t get rid of documents in general. A situation like this can put your company at risk if you’re asked to produce documents in court that you could have deleted legally after their retention date.  

SharePoint can use AI or what we in the industry call “robots” to delete records daily, monthly, or yearly, depending on the parameters you set. Again, all of these features are not overly complicated and can be implemented into any business. SharePoint is only limited to your imagination. It doesn’t matter what complicated workflow you have for deleting documents; SharePoint can do the job by itself.  

3. Cost Savings

Remember all the ways I mentioned Sharepoint reduces clutter? If you’re reading this, then you’re probably doing that manually. 

Nobody has got time for that, including you. Just by implementing one simple program, money spent on extra storage space goes away, employee hours get allotted to something more productive, legal costs go down because you can no longer get sued due to poor records retention, and the list goes on.  

By purging files, all you’ll need to do is implement the system and then all those unnecessary costs disappear. 

4. Better Collaboration

Finally, purging files can lead to better collaboration. When all team members have access to the same set of relevant documents, it becomes easier to work together on projects. 

Like Google Docs, everything is accessible at any moment, so you can access it as soon as changes are made to a document. No more waiting for an email to hit your inbox before you can finally start working on something.

 But again, with Sharepoint, the added benefit of having the ability to know where every single document is and be able to manage it is what makes it superior to any other platform out right now.

Indirectly, having all your company’s information on a digital platform like Sharepoint is especially helpful for remote workers who may not have access to physical files in the office.

Why Purging Files With SharePoint Is Better: Bottom Line

 Purging files is a great way to streamline your office and reap the benefits of a more organized, efficient, and secure workplace. 

By using SharePoint, you can take advantage of digital purging and enjoy the added benefits of cost savings and improved collaboration. So, what are you waiting for? Start purging those files today!

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