Digital Filing System & Automation Masterclass

Join us for 3 intensive days of hands-on learning where we delve into digital file systems and workspace automation.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to transform your business, streamline in-house operations, and elevate your company’s productivity to new heights.  

You will also discover how to combine the best practices of record keeping, technology and process to optimize your company’s services, drive efficiency, and achieve a seamless workflow that saves both time and resources.

  • Toronto Marriott Hotel
  • October 24 – 26 
  • Food & Beverage included 
  • One Year AIIM+ Pro Membership
  • AIIM Certification of Specialization
  • 30 Hours of Online Training

Topics Covered

  • How to implement an E-File / Digital Filing System
  • Auto-file records and documents from attachments 
  • Leverage AI to extract intelligence from records 
  • Automate manual processes and routine tasks 
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements 
  • Establish company policies, standards and guidelines 

$3400.00 CAD

Additional to the 3-day learning experience and 30 hours of online training, the bootcamp includes an AIIM + Pro Certification in Intelligent Information Management Essentials

The Benefits

  • Engage in practical, real-world implementation and collaborative teamwork skills that directly apply to your work environment
  • Replace an analog document and records management system with an electronic one 
  • Deliver operational efficiency and speed with high quality service to enhance customers satisfaction 
  • Become an employer of choice with a culture of internal KPI’s and high performance 
  • Take advantage of automation and productivity tools to reduce time, cost and efforts when delivering products and services 
  • Streamline your processes and keep your data organized to consistently offer high quality services 
  • Stay compliant and keep audit’s stress free with effective data management and litigation 
  • Access your company’s records effortlessly to make better informed decisions with confidence 
  • Adapt to new challenges with a customized digital system that scales as your business grows

25 Seats Available

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