Safeguard Your Company From Lawsuits

Ensure Industry Standards Compliance. Streamline Document Retrieval. Avoid Costly Mistakes.


Compliant Lifecycle Management

Secure Your Company’s Future With A Clear Retention Plan


Keeping your company up-to-date with industry policies and goverened regulations cannot be compromised when it comes to protecting your business, clients and stakeholders. A records retention policy streamlines the management of data, its security, lifecycle and overall governance. This protects you from data security breach, operational waste and potential litigation.

Key Benefits:

Enhance Compliance

Retention policies lower risks of legal penalties and loss of reputation

Reduce Storage Costs

Identify and dispose of records that are no longer required

Boost Efficiency

Quickly locate and retrieve important documents when needed

Mitigate Risks

Secure valuable documents to reduce the risk of legal issues.

Managed Governance

Cultivate a culture with clear recordkeeping and accountability

Do Your Records Meet Security Standards And Comply With Data Protection Regulations?

We create industry-specific, comprehensive records retention policies that ensure clear, consistent, and compliant management of information assets. These policies define retention periods, storage locations, and disposal guidelines for various records to reduce risks, such as lawsuits or investigations, and support business operations.

Our Process

What’s The End Result


A bespoke record retention policy serves your company with multiple functions including overall improved compliance, reduced storage costs and minimization of potential risk. We streamline your operations and productivity to ensure these policies act as a safeguard, making essential documents readily available for the organization’s defense against potential legal challenges. Embracing record retention policies fosters a culture of information governance, elevating information management throughout your organization.


Industries We’ve Helped

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City Hall Building

Public Sector

Insurance industry


City Hall Building


What Makes Tumii Better?

Tumii Transformation brings over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Digital Transformation. Our team of dedicated specialists carries a holistic approach to our tranformatory methods, prioritizing the needs of your business above all.

When collaborating with Tumii, your company’s protection is at the forefront. We meticulously design record retention policies that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization, align seamlessly with your operations and meet the standards of your industry.

Our focus is not only on ensuring compliance but also on optimizing your data management practices to empower better decision-making and drive growth.

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