Case Studies

Industry: Regulatory

Goal: Taking a century-old company from paper to paperless


  • Built a 10-man digitization team to handle the paper conversion
  • Emptied numerous rooms and filing cabinets of paper
  • Scanned and digitized documents daily for 1 year
  • Transformed electronic documents into intelligent, classified and organized records using 150 robots


Converted a paper-based file room to a new office space. Made records digitally accessible. Made documents intelligent to speed up access to information and cut operational costs by 20%. Enriched their data so they could make better decisions and expand as a business.

Industry: Public Sector

Goal: Validate record management system compliance using in-house technology


  • It was important that we developed a system that met the compliance law standards for when legal documents should be archived or destroyed for this company.
  • We assessed whether we needed multiple tools or could use their existing out-of-the-box software to solve the problem. 


We realized that they could use their existing tools to manage and destroy data to comply with regulations, saving them thousands of dollars every year. We did this by translating complicated compliance needs into easy-to-use and familiar technology. 

government building
government building

Industry: Insurance

Goal: Launch an email management, electronic record and information management system using Office 365 and a 3rd party legal matters platform.


  • The company had existing complex tools from a previous vendor that let them down. They were unable to integrate the matter management system across the company, which is particular to lawyers. 
  • They wanted to optimize and deploy a matter management system for thousands of their lawyers company-wide, as initially planned.
  • We created a 6-step automated email system that could be implemented for all of their client’s documents.


The system was so simple that they were able to take what we did for their law department and deploy it company-wide themselves. 

We created a configuration that was almost out of the box but simplified even further. This enabled the lawyers to see their emails and documents from inside Outlook. By doing this, Tumii saved them from paying thousands of dollars for a whole new system.

Industry: Banking

Goal: Use robotics to deploy large-scale data detection against money laundering


  • Usually, the banking industry detects anti-money laundering with armies of teams. There were three teams for this bank. Each team had to mull over a sea of data before they could determine if there was fraud which was taking them months at a time.
  • We quickly realized that we could automate their anti-fraud process by using a robotic system to detect suspicious behaviour. 


Their manual detection process took months to detect fraud. We shifted them to an automated system that could do the same thing in a single day. This allowed the bank to save a lot of time, money, and resources.

government building

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