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Digital Filing System

Do You Really Need A Digital Filing System?

If you find yourself constantly grappling with the challenge of locating important documents within your department or struggling to establish a consistent workflow, our digital department file systems are here to help.

Designed to cater to the needs of various professionals and departments, this system offers a range of benefits for: 

Man in a red shirt with a green tie juggling tasks

 Busy Professionals

Whether you’re a manager juggling multiple projects or an individual contributor with a demanding workload, our file system ensures quick and easy access to the documents you need, saving you valuable time and reducing frustration.


Man in a red shirt with a green tie juggling tasks

Collaborative Teams

If your department relies on teamwork and seamless coordination, our file system promotes a consistent workflow. By implementing an organized structure, team members can effortlessly find, share, and collaborate on documents, enhancing productivity and fostering collaboration.

Man in a red shirt with a green tie juggling tasks

Information-Intensive Industries

In fields such as legal, healthcare, finance, or research, where the accuracy and availability of information are critical, our digital file system provides efficient document retrieval. You can bid farewell to time-consuming searches and ensure that essential files are readily accessible when you need them.

Will Your File System Be In Compliance With Regulatory Bodies?

All Tumii File Systems are uniquely designed to comply with your specific regulatory bodies. Additionally, our central filing systems enable better security for your documents as access permissions can be set and monitored easily.

Our 3-Step Process

Tumii offers a comprehensive solution for managing electronic and paper documents, using various content and records management systems that align with our customer’s existing systems.

Step 1: Designing Your Information Hierarchy Blueprint

We design a clear information hierarchy blueprint, complete with descriptive tags and categories to facilitate quick access, full-text search capabilities, process automation, artificial intelligence, and compliance controls for records classification and retention.

Step 2: Creating A Versatile Information Architect Design

Our team creates a versatile information architect design that’s versatile and works seamlessly with other systems including SharePoint, Opentext Content Server, Google Drive, Dropbox, IBM Filenet, and Confluence. Regardless of the system used by the user community, we design, configure, and build our solution to align with their needs

Step 3: Implementation The Design

We’ll handle the transfer and organization of your existing files, ensuring they are properly mapped to the defined folder structure. Additionally, we’ll configure access rights and permissions for different user roles, guaranteeing secure file access and fostering effective collaboration. Let us take care of the technicalities while you focus on maximizing productivity and efficiency within your organization.

Key Benefits

Improved productivity:

A well-designed department file system can save employees’ time and effort in searching for documents. Measuring the time saved can give a good idea of the increased productivity.

Reduced errors:

A streamlined file system with clear guidelines and procedures can help reduce errors, such as misplacing documents or misfiling.

Enhanced collaboration:

A department file system that is designed with collaboration in mind can lead to better teamwork and communication, which can be measured by increased efficiency, faster problem-solving, and better decision-making.

Compliance with regulations:

If the department deals with sensitive or regulated data, a well-designed file system can ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, which can be measured by fewer violations and fines.

Cost savings:

A good file system can help reduce the costs associated with managing physical and digital documents, such as printing, storage, and retrieval. These cost savings can be measured and tracked over time.

Industries We’ve Helped

City Hall Building


City Hall Building

Public Sector

Insurance industry


City Hall Building


What Makes Tumii Better?

Our holistic approach sets us apart from others as we go beyond simple storage, actively fostering collaboration, ensuring easy access, and maintaining compliance defensibility. Prioritizing collaboration enhances team productivity and efficiency, while easy access reduces search times for authorized personnel.

We emphasize compliance for confident regulatory adherence, which reduces risks. Streamlined processes save time and resources and, as a singular source of truth, enhance decision-making and data reliability.

Tumii transforms your filing structure into the backbone of efficient organization, streamlining workflows, fostering collaboration, and boosting overall productivity.

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