What are the benefits of SharePoint? Is it worth using, is it hard to implement, and what the heck is it even? 

4 Benefits of SharePoint And Why it’s better than Google Drive

Instead of going on a long tangent, we are going to give you the straight facts and not waste your time. 

That’s why you’re here, right? Good, glad we got that settled. 

SharePoint is a platform made up of different Microsoft applications that makes sharing information quick, easy, and in the hands of a digital transformation specialist automated. Is it worth using?

Well, it cuts business expenses on average by 40%, so we’d say so, and implementing it really isn’t that difficult for a digital transformation specialist. 

When it comes to the benefits of SharePoint, we are going to rank them from the very basics that SharePoint can do all the way to some very cool advanced features that will really blow your mind.

Streamlines Document Sharing

Nobody likes sending documents back and forth between multiple people and multiple departments. It leaves room for a lot of downloads, a lot of miscommunication, and a lot of headaches. 

SharePoint allows every document to be stored on one platform. Anyone with access can view the same version of one doc and update it in real-time.

But Google Drive and G-suite do the same thing, right


Software like Google Docs is not designed to protect sensitive information, but we will get into this in the next point when discussing the benefits of using SharePoint.

Meets Compliance And Privacy Standards For Every Industry 

Every industry has laws about protecting certain information. Out of the box, G-suite does not meet these standards; SharePoint does. 

Sure, you can spend upwards of $100,000 dollars customizing your G-Suite to meet these standards, but Google changes its algorithm constantly. 

One minor adjustment could blow up your whole system and put your data at risk. Now, if that results in a leak or someone finds out, it’s curtains for your business. 

Finding Documents Becomes Easy

Extracting the data you need from your files is time-consuming, to say the least. Whether you need information for reports or presentations, it’s always good to get the information you need sooner rather than later.

SharePoint can actually help tremendously with this. Let’s say you need all the information related to your finances for the last two months. You can literally tell SharePoint to find this info for you and have it within one or two clicks. 

Need to find a file but can’t remember the name? No problem; just type in the topic or a word associated with that file, and you’ll be able to find it almost instantly.

Automates Business Processes

If you’re in an industry that requires you to make a lot of proposals or have documents that must go through multiple department heads, the benefits of SharePoint can really help you.

Almost every business process can be automated with SharePoint. A digital transformation specialist will first need you to discuss your current process with them. 

Based on the information given, they can create a system that automates every aspect of a proposal, report, or something that needs to be signed. 

Automated tasks can be very complex or simple; it doesn’t matter. Strict parameters can be created within SharePoint to realize any goal. 

The Benefits of SharePoint: Bottom Line

These 4 benefits of SharePoint are not all the platform has to offer. There’s more, a lot more, in fact, but before you get started on your SharePoint journey, please download this free SharePoint migration checklist.

It’ll guide you through the process and tell you how to get started. If you want more info on SharePoint, visit our blog or LinkedIn page.