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Tired of hearing the same complaints?

I can’t find the document.

I think I have the latest version, but I saw someone else with another version???

It is taking weeks to process these invoices!!

Three months just to get approval?

I have a great new repository, but no one is using it!!

What if I told you it could all be done in a few days?

A digital transformation specialist can quickly walk through each department to gather the requisite information and build it into an automated solution implemented company-wide, eliminating lengthy manual processes.

They create a specific algorithm that can speed up processes and sign off on documents for you without the added time.

Picture it like this; you’re going through complicated business procedures yourself but only 1000x faster, giving you time to concentrate on what really matters.

That’s what automation is all about.

Taking out the repetitive and redundant tasks to focus on the essential.


Electronic Document and Record Management System Toolkit


Learn the game at your own pace at your own time Access a collection of quick and consumable online courses that covers various elements of governance, records management, process simplification, leveraging O365, continuous improvement and much more.
Digital Transformation on a Budget

Digital Transformation on a Budget

Business Analysts, Project Managers, Leaders and Admin… are you tired of the office working slower than it should?

3.5 total hours • 6 lectures • All Levels

Agile Information Governance

Agile Information Governance

Learn to implement corporate policies, services, technologies, and new cultural ways of working in a fraction of time

1.5 total hours • 5 lectures • All Levels

Bringing Sexy Back to Records Management

Bringing Sexy back to Records Management

Learn to elevate the value of your records management program to drive digital transformation

1.5 total hours • 5 lectures • All Levels


This is the evilest course I have ever taken. I love it.

Howie B.

CEO, Evil Corp

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to keep information on paper?

Your information is evidence of business decisions and transactions needed to protect and drive your company into the future. To convert to electronic records (as the official record) ensure you have compliance, classification and retention control applied to the system that will house electronic versions of your information.  Ensure your policies, internal processes and cultural ways of working can demonstrate compliance with your local and industry-specific requirements to keep electronic information as the official record.

Do I have to keep in paper form?

No, the legislation and system requirements have been in place for 10 plus years and have evolved with new safeguards for (amongst other things) privacy (i.e. GDPR). You no longer have to keep information in paper copy to protect your organization.

How does Tumii simplify bringing systems online?

Our overall approach is to save you money and time. The root of a system is a specific function, for a specific purpose, specific data, users, interfaces and outcomes. Before purchasing an off the shelf one purpose product, we look at what you have internally first then determine what’s the most sustainable way to bring this ‘system’ online either through design, configuration, repurpose or purchase as needed.

I spent a lot of money on a system and no one uses it… what do I do?

User adoption is something many companies struggle with. Having a group of power-users who adopt and use the new technology. Once they are on board, they can help new users who may struggle with the new technology. Having the Leaders of your company as well as the Help-Desk on board will go a long way to full adoption.

We want to go online, but don't have a large budget...what are our options?

That’s simple! It all starts with the tools and resources you currently have in house. We will leverage the in-house tools you have and configure them to serve your needs. Implementing across industries to companies of all sizes enables us to work within the parameters laid out

How can Tumii help us automate manual processes?

Many of the office products you use today include features that allow you to send approvals, extract data from one file to another, send emails, collaborate centrally. We discover your business process and bring together solutions for standard practices, naming conventions, system configuration changes and lots of end-user support.