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Customized and Protected File Storage

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Digitize your business while saving thousands of dollars.

Are you ready to automate your workspace?

Tumii Transformations Consulting has changed the way businesses work for over 10 years in both the private and public sectors. Automated systems can better protect and streamline your company’s workflow. 

Digitizing your workspace doesn’t have to be a costly process. We provide affordable solutions for new and existing systems that optimize the needs of your business. 

Make files searchable and accessible

Looking for a data management strategy that allows you to locate files easily?

We change the way you do business by digitizing and optimizing your information infrastructure to pinpoint files quickly and remotely.

Build Efficient Storage Systems

Thinking about how to get rid of your office clutter? Get help with electronically categorizing and classifying your documents with a digitized workspace.

Automate daily administrative tasks

Ready to automate your administrative tasks with a digital system? Acquire the necessary skills to maintain and automate various department processes.

We’ll teach you how to automatically set appointments, use automation to approve tasks, and digitally file records instantaneously.

Keep your data secure

Is protecting your client’s information a top priority? Are you unsure of how long you need to keep documents on file?

We give guidance on how to create safe storage systems that keep you in compliance with privacy policies and delete sensitive data within the right time frame.