Bringing Sexy Back to Records Management

Day 1 - Classification
  • Learn the difference between CLEAN and dirty data
  • Measure the current cost of business vs. having CLEAN data
  • Discover the true value of your data
  • Find out how documents impact your business
Day 2 - Legitimization and Execution
  • Analyze your current workflows
  • Evaluate how data is moved through your organization
  • Explore how to compile data and optimize record retention strategies
  • Review existing business processes that drive effective decision-making
Day 3 - Adoption and Normalization
  • Learn how to drive true adoption and cultural change around your day-to-day management
  • Build a growth and sustainment network within each department
  • Restructure your information architecture to build a safe and coherent data infrastructure
  • Implement accountability within your work culture by creating a unique system of organized processes, reports, and metrics

Bringing Sexy Back to Records Management


Learn to elevate the value of your records management program to drive digital transformation,

What you’ll learn:

  • Records Management core functions
  • Change Management Tactics
  • How to bring awareness to information as a corporate asset
  • Leverage a maturity model