Agile Information Governance

Day 1 - Classification
  • Learn the difference between CLEAN and dirty data
  • Measure the current cost of business vs. having CLEAN data
  • Discover the true value of your data
  • Find out how documents impact your business
Day 2 - Legitimization and Execution
  • Analyze your current workflows
  • Evaluate how data is moved through your organization
  • Explore how to compile data and optimize record retention strategies
  • Review existing business processes that drive effective decision-making
Day 3 - Adoption and Normalization
  • Learn how to drive true adoption and cultural change around your day-to-day management
  • Build a growth and sustainment network within each department
  • Restructure your information architecture to build a safe and coherent data infrastructure
  • Implement accountability within your work culture by creating a unique system of organized processes, reports, and metrics

Agile Information Governance


Learn to implement corporate policies, services, technologies, and new cultural ways of working in a fraction of time.

What you’ll learn:

  • Information Governance
  • Gain endorsement of corporate policy and standards
  • How to accelerate implementation using agile methodologies
  • Assessing corporate culture and how to move initiatives forward
  • Tactics to implement compliance controls and records management services
  • How to implement continuous improvement frameworks to get things done